Ring conversions.....help?

So the internet isn't really throwing me a bone here.

There's an engagement ring my boyfriend and I have been looking at and I love it.

Only thing is, I'm trying to figure out if it'd fit.

Yeah, I know, they can resize it and all, but once you get a small enough finger, certain ring designs won't work because the band is too small. Particularly designs with side diamonds.

So...how does one convert a ring size to a measurement?

If I have a size 5 finger (average for women is a size 7) will this ring style fit my finger?


It says its width is 1.9-2.6 mm but I don't know how that relates to ring sizes.


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  • Size 5 really IS quite small; roughly the circumferance of a small twig or a cigarette. On the up side though, you could wear a one carat diamond and it would look like the Dancing With the Stars trophy!


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  • A size 5 finger is really really small.

    I wouldn't resize the ring. When you resize a ring, you normally cut off from the widest part of the ring and remold it together but the side diamonds are in that position.

    You can try but they might break the ring.

    BTW that ring isn't 2k. The center stone isn't set. It would be 3k - 4k with a princess .5ct or 5-8k with the larger setting if it's decent.

    • I'm aware. We haven't added the diamond we want yet.

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  • Go to a store in town try rings similar to it on for size and see how it fits and have them determine the size there. They'll do it for free.

  • This should help you compare ring sizes and measurements: link

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