Marriage joke... but he gets weird.. what?

I've been dating him for almost 3 years. I texted him and said "I'm good with seeing that new Hercules movie. My future husband is in it"

Him- " Haha no babe, I'm not playing hercules"

Me- "What? It's Kellan Lutz"

Him- "Haha I know, I was being sarcastic."

Me- "Were you saying you are my future husband?"

Him- "Haha stop. Just enjoy my joke. Muah"

Me- ":/ Muah"

Him "don't you :/ me

and I didn't reply then he sent "I love you babe"

I still haven't replied. I'm not sure why this upsets me, but it does and I don't feel like replying.. should I reply? What do I say? Why did this upset me

For future answerers, this wasn't the first time we have ever brought up marriage.

We have talked about it before. He brings future things up all the time (children, where we will live next, etc)

But whenever I comment on his comments he gets weird.


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  • i assume you are upset because he didn't tell you "yes".

    he made a joke and you made it a very serious convo. even if you've been together awhile, you guys are young. it was out of the blue. he's probably not feeling like he is there yet, and sorry but discussing that via text for the first time would really be a little off.

    I think he really cares about you. His joke was really nice actually, sort of sounds like he takes the two of you seriously and loves you. it is clear he didn't want to discuss marriage yet or via text (a convo I get the vibe you would like to have) I don't think he was the least bit mean.

    If you want to discuss this, at your age, it seems like there would be more appropriate ways that are a little more vague (at least to start with) than basically asking him point blank (VIA TEXT!?!?) if he wants to marry you. If you really feel the need to discuss this, slow it down. Make it a conversation about the future and not a "yes or no" question.

    So reply already. If you really think it through and if you really do stay with him and get married some day, you don't want to have had him tell you you were going to get married via text in a convo about a movie and as a "yes" to your question.

    Stop giving him a hard time. He hasn't done anything wrong at all.

    • We aren't that young, I'm mid twenties and he is late twenties. And it wasn't for the first time. We talk about marriage ALL the time. We talk about future kids, the future house, etc.

    • Okay. Sorry. Still, I do not think he has done anything wrong at all. If your other comments are like the one in the text, he gets weird because you are pushing him to say the marriage is happening and not hypothetical. He's obviously not comfortable committing to that yet.

    • I can get if he isn't ready for commitment like that yet. But if that's the case then he needs to stop talking about our future so much.

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  • Maybe he think you're pressuring him towards marriage

  • I do not see any weirdness in his comments. I think you got too serious about when he joked with you