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Recently I have caught my boyfriend texting his ex. At one point he even sent her a picture. I confronted him and he said he didn't know why he did it, and was trying to make her jealous. I don't know how to take this because he is the sweetest guy I have ever dated. But then I found out she is more than an ex, they lived together and were engaged! He told me he didn't think it was important to tell me that and it was a bad time in his life, something he's not proud of. He has been calling and texting me nonstop ever since I confronted him, I can't bring myself to reply because I simply do not have the words right now. Oh, not only engaged but they broke it off 8 days before the wedding! Has anyone got advice on this? Or a similar story?


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  • He might still have some unresolved anger towards her. Honestly, he should have told you he was engaged and lived with her when you two got together. The fact he withheld it makes me think he was trying to hide it.

    Do you like the guy? you think this is salvageable? talk to him to see if he truly understands why you're upset.


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  • Tough and questionable situation, wouldn't know what to do to be honest. But to be honest with you, he's with you, and not with her anymore. Her loss, your gain. You can either ruin it by letting this get the best of you (and it WILL ruin it, trust me), or save a good thing and keep going with the relationship. It's your call.


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  • I think that Kambo is spot on. It also depends on how long you've been dating your boyfriend. By the looks of it, not very long. If it was he doing the dumping and cancelling of the wedding, I'd say you do not have much to worry about except for your own behaviour. If she dumped him and cancelled the wedding on him and it seems like he is hung up on her... then you have reason to worry because you really want him to be there for you and to love you. You don't want to be his second choice.

    It is a good sign that he continued texting and calling you. Let him chase you for a while, so that he is more concerned about you and loosing you than he is about her.

    Take care.

  • That he cares to even bother to make her jealous, hmmm, that would bother me, too. I think thought you two should still try to talk it out and maybe come to some clean slate solution that restores trust. If he is willing, ask hm to just lose that phone and that number so she can't be in touch again with him.

    • I don't want him to feel like he should have to change his number etc. It took two people, I feel like he should respected me enough not to do so.

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