my ex-gf who I was gonna marry left me about a year ago for some other guy. I've been with other girls after but never got too involved cos I always had my ex in my mind. We still remain in touch and she still sends me a naughty pic once in a while. Like I know she still loves me but she's engaged to this other turd, I'm not ready to settle and have kids yet but I'd still want her to be with me...And I know she still wants me too...what should I do ?


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  • your in a tough situation. and there are a few things wrong here.

    1. she did leave you to be with someone else.

    2. she's just playing around with you, because if she had any intention of getting back together with you she would have said something.

    also, it makes everything a bit tough, because she is engaged.

    • I have just gone through a break up and just found out that his been flirting with girls so much younger then me. Its broken my heart but I realise the importance in moving on... we broke up in march and had been going out for 3 and half years. My heart is broken and I don't know when or if I will recover. But I respect myself too much to hang on to him because he has already showed interest in someone else.

      If you love is engaged, she has already moved on frm u. Find ur strength to move on.

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  • well if she left you for another

    guy and is gonna marry him...

    i don't think she really loves you...

    if I were you id just forget about her

    close contact and find someone else

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