What has happened here?

So I have been going to the gym for ages where some staff I see say hello how are you friendly chit chat. This is what I assumed the new guy at reception was doing until one day I came and he said

are you vegetarian? I said yes how did you know? Him: I could tell from your.eyes me: omg so weird (muttered).

Had just had surgery day before was not quite with it! Anyway he quickly carried on talking...then I said I have to go went inside on the way out he caught me again asking me general where do you work questions. After that he just carried on smiling waving as usual..his smiles got bigger and toothier not sure if it was the fake kind.. Another day we bumped into he spent 20mins talking about himself then next time tried to find out what restaurant I go to which I didn't answer cause I freaked out then finally last time saw him he had touched my back to get my attention I don't remember the look I gave but it probably wasn't a good one (dont like being touched) in my opinion he doesn't know me well and I don't know him so why... Anyway after this now he's ignoring me completely won't even acknowledge me... my question is why...I don't think I did anything wrong id like to know him better but I feel like he didn't want to just wanted to move things along if he really liked me would he just cut off like this... also what to do of he serves me at reception now...he will have to say something..


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  • Perhaps you shouldn't have acted like you weren't interested. He most likely heard it when you called him weird (also, he had probably been joking) and tried to ignore it in the hopes you'd stop thinking he was weird.

    I'm a bit tired right now, so I'll skip to the solution.

    Best thing for you to do is actually go up to him and apologise for how you looked at him when he touched you. Just tell him that you don't like being touched and that you weren't expecting it. If this leads to a jovial conversation and he's still interested, he might ask you to dinner. Your greatest luck is in starting the rekindling process yourself though.

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