1st marriage for love, 2nd for money?

Do you believe in that?

I have been meeting guys. None seem to take me seriously because I am a single mom and not getting younger.

Guys have only want sex and they are upfront about it. So why should I feel that I still have it when in reality I don't compare to those who are single and can have a family who are between 20-30?

That being said, two guys, one have money is nice to me. One just an okay job, I know he has another girl on the side, we just play games. So why not go with the one with money? Do I love them, no. Will I fall in love again, I don't know. All I know is that I have to guard my heart and my kid.

So what are my options? Open my heart to get it broken again? Or go with someone who will come to me to make sure he is decent to me and my kid. It just turned out he has money.


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  • If a guy finds out you are only with him for his money, he will dump you. You've basically just exposed yourself as a prostitute with a child.

    And no one wants that.

    • I have a good job and makes good money...funny the guy with an okay job seems to want me for my money since my family and I own real estate.

      That is not my point. My point is what option do I have when guys are not going to see me as a potential gf.? I am not looking for a guy for financial support. I want real love. But so far it has been disappointing.

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  • The next option is to accept your current situation, if it's not unsustainable, financially, drop the two guys, and keep looking.


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  • Go for the one with money who is nice to you. Pick the guy who likes you the most because he will treat you the best. The guy with an OK job that has a girl on the side will just end up getting bored of you eventually and moving onto another girl because he's playing games with you now anyway

    • you are the only one who read me correctly. at the end it is not the money. it is the option I have now in front of me. or I can keep looking and get play...

      thank you.

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