How do I get my mom on board for me finding a new psychiatrist???

so lately my psychiarist has been acting like he's the utmost authority on how I shouldd llive my life. especialy today. I''ve beeen making good progress, but all he wants me to do is go on new meds and up my old ones! he didn't even ask me how I was doing, just straight away told me he was changing my meds around. and he didn't respond to my objections. then when I started telling him I was getting back into bdsm, he told me that those people weren't normal and would "hurt me." well, I've been "hurt" by people not in bdsm moreso than those involved. and I know quite a few mental health practitoners who do bdsm. unfortunatley, none of them are in my state. couple that with the idea that he thinks I need a new therapist, even though I'm fine with my current one, and the one he's suggesting is his wife! ugh. I told my mom and she thinks I should keep seeing him and go to his wife! omg the only reason I need her to agree is because she controls the insurance. that dr did a number on my brother(which resulted in him needing surgery). any ideas?

i just noticed this posted in sexuality when I submitted it under health. weird.
and now it's in behavior...oh well close enough.
so I researched into the new med he wants me to take. it's main functions are: to treat mania, prevent hallucinations, and stop agressive behavior. funny, he kept telling me I seemed depressed! plus, I haven't had hallucinations since 1998 and this was the first time in a long time that I reported NO AGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR IN THE PAST MONTH. agressive towards people, objects, or verbal. and one of the common side effects is weight gain, which is something he knows I feel strongly about...


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  • tell her that you he suggested a new therapist, and you feel like you two have gotten to a point where the sessions are no longer productive

    are you really 30-35? can't you just decide who you want to go see? Even if you are on your mother's insurance she can't tell you which doctors to go see. Call up your insurance plan and find out who else is covered under your policy. then go online and check the doctor's grades

    • no offense but at 30 you should be determining your own health care needs

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    • gotcha. well then in that case I think it really is a matter of you sitting down and trying to have a productive conversation with your mother. she mention that the doctor suggested maybe talking to a new therapist and you feel like you've sort of reached a plateau in terms how much he can help you... this does happen in therapy that you reach a point where the sessions have kind of done all they can and it can take a fresh opinion and doctor. or perhaps ahve your mom call the doc

    • yeah I've been seeing him since I was 17. he's primarily a child psychologist. but I've seen other adults there. thanks for your suggestions.

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  • You're not married, are you?


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  • Many meds need to have adjusted doses regardless of how you feel. They up the dose so that you do not stop feeling results. The fact that you have felt fine is likely a result of the medication regulations, as well as your regular therapy.

    And talk to your therapist about WHY you want to go back into BDSM. Explain the appeal to you, and why you think it will benefit you.

    The thing about therapy that many people forget is that a therapist is not there to tell you what you want to hear... they are there to help you. It is quite possible that your therapist is wrong, but that does not mean that he is a bad therapist. You are going to him because you need help with an issue, and while you do not have to follow his every whim, he is giving you the advice that you came for. Listen to his advice before you discredit it. That's why he has the PhD. Of course, make sure you explain your position too. He just wants to help, so he needs to know where you are coming from if he wants to help.

    • i tried to explain to him where I was coming from regarding bdsm and such. but he wouldn"t listen. he acted like he was THE authority on everything, including bdsm(which is def not true considering he thinks anyone with a fetish wants to be dominated, even if the fetish has nothing to do with d/s, like exhibitionists for example), and that his way was the only way. he always seems to be on my parents' side regarding things, even giving them detailed instructions at the last appintment on how i

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    • If you don't mind me asking, what is it that you are being treated for? There are also some great telephone and online therapy options, but if you need medication, you might have to instead work on repairing this relationship with your therapist.

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