Are people OK with the term "baby's momma/daddy" instead of saying my wife or my husband?

Why is single parenting so accepted? Don't people want to have a close united family? And I'm not talking about legal marriage. Just in general people can be married symbolically.

Usually when people say "baby's daddy/momma" it has a lot of drama to it. Don't people care who they reproduce with?


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  • I am not OK with that. Even if I was married with children I would prefer to be known as the husband rather than the "the baby's daddy". The term husband implies more of a committed role and that's what I'm interested in the most. I won't even have children unless I'm married. And you're right, when people say "baby's momma/daddy" it usually denotes some sort of drama or history behind it.


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  • It's trailer-trash vernacular designed to circumvent more denigrating terms such as whore, tramp, bitch and bastard-whelper.

  • No need to merge with another person's life just to raise a rug rat or two. It's nice if you can find a suitable partner, but if not, that's no reason to forego having kids.

    • Unfortunately, that isn't true. Children need a mother and father. By far the best scenario to raise a child.

    • They needpositive reliable role models of both renders, and a loving secure home. There are more than one way to provide that.

    • Yes, yes it is a great reason.

  • What you describe is the result of women sleeping freely with whatever jerk she can find, and the kids are the ones who suffer.

    Baby momma and baby daddy are about the trashiest, low-class terms I've heard in a long time.

    • I KNOW! I can't stand it! Single parents are also not OK IMO well depending on why they are single

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    • No it's normally someone growing up in a poverty stricken area who dated a poor natured man because she doesn't think she can do better and honestly, these women usually have low education and low technical skills so it may be true. It's just a sad scenario.

  • America is a society that's hell bent on controlling things and others Men don't want to get married anymore because there's a lot of financial risk involved and women make poor decisions with guys and they end up getting pregnant by guys they never intended to share a life with.

    • But why not have an abortion instead of being one more person with a child that barely sees it's dad and avoid the drama with child support crap

    • There's still a lot of people who look at abortion as murder .

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  • That term pretty much got popular off of the Maury show.

    Every one you see on there is pretty much low class and ghetto.

    If I were unmarried and had a "baby daddy", I would refer to him the correct way which

    is "The father of my child" or my "Son's father."

    I don't think when people mention "baby mama/daddy" it automatically means

    that their ex. is a pain in the ass.

    It's just a popular term which people call someone they reproduced with (who they

    are not married to).


    Why should you say "wife" or "husband" if it is not true.

    I think single parenting should be acceptable has long has both parties are taking care of their responsibility.

    There are people married who completely neglect their child, all they have is a title

    that is more acceptable to others.

    You shouldn't a perception off of people by whether they are legally married or not.

  • It's not like it was a chose to be a single parent..Many people divorce or have children in a non marital union and realize their relationship can't work...Sure it's not the best for the kid but judging them IS stupid.

    Sure it's a dream to have a loving family but if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Many people are against abortion and then judge those poor women.

    • Just stupidity to have kids with someone you won't love forever or don't love at all

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    • Just a little ;)

    • Hahaha OK ok let's not pick on me

  • Those terms are used with couples who had love childs

    • LOVE CHILD? Lmao without the love part

    • A love child is out of wedlock. You don't need love for that

    • Then why are they called LOVE child. I was just making a point... No love when it comes to "love child" it should be called "lust-drunk-horny-bored.. Child"

  • Eww.

  • Lol I much prefer husband

  • its so ghetto lol