Do you think relationships and marriage are changing?

i mean I've been seen a lot of young people getting married around this time of years . has it been like that or people just wanna get married at an early age ?


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  • What age do you consider young?

    There are people that get married at a older age and their marriage isn't a success.

    I think marriage has little to do with age and the level of maturity and commitment of both parties.


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  • yes people get married really late, most just live in conhabitation and never get married -those who do think its a trend - divorce, get another husband everytime you change your wardrobe (what colour is in what isn't, etc)

  • Yes. People get married at a later age now.


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  • Relationships and marriage are definitely changing, but it's actually the opposite of what you're seeing. Fewer men are interested in marriage or long-term relationships now than in the past. link

    • That doesn't seem like a legitimate website.

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    • granted, the website isn't the most legitimate looking but he's right.

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