How to handle a difficult break up?

My ex told me that he had to end our 5 year relationship because he had been selfish when it came to me and the he truly hated hurting me. We have had problems like he was going through a divorce, he worked all the time, has 4 girls, I have 1 girl and we never really saw each other. So he and his wife had been separated and had signed papers so both of them can date other people while they got the finances worked out. Anyways, after their divorce ended and became finalized he broke up with me. I must add that 2 weeks before this he was talking about getting married and his family is like he is going through a hard time but he really loves you. Wtf! Why did he end it? Do you think that since he had such a horrible marriage he just wanted to be single? I love him so and I know that he did me. He always told me that I was th only person in the world that really knew him and he does have money so he told me that he has been with a lot of women and I was the only one that really looked at him and really loved him. Awhhh I'm so confused! He isn't speaking to me at all now. He told me before he ended that it was the hardest time he was going through. But he was seen out with another girl.


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  • So he likely recently met this other girl and wants to be with her more than you.

    It sounds like if you WEREN'T the "other woman" during his marriage, you WERE his "other woman" during his separation/divorce. Making you the rebound girl. If you WERE the other woman before his separation, that makes him a cheater so what did you expect?

    What is this "hardest time" he is going through now, since it sounds like the divorce is already final? You don't seem to have a clue, which might say more to how close the two of you truly are than anything else. If its right on the heels of the divorce, well maybe like you said, he's going to go embrace is new found singlehood and just doesn't want commitment anymore. Or maybe he's having second thoughts about the divorce itself.

    • Yeah he broke up with me the same week his divorce finalized. I think he just didn't like me anymore. I was too nice to him. Its all strange though because two weeks prior he wanted to get engaged. Do ya see why I'm confused?

    • It's not easy. But if you want stability, don't touch us before, during or right after a divorce. We're bad enough as is without catching us when we're going through that crap. Honestly, set a rule that the next guy must be totally single! Much better.

    • True! Thank you.

  • Ignore him from now on, leave him to it and enjoy the rest of your life, find someone else worth your time.


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