So you're just married?

Ok Ladies...I have a very unusual situation. I had been dating my wife for almost two years and couldn't live any longer without being married to her. I asked, she accepted ... and now we're married.

The problem is that she knew going in, that my elderly father would be living with us. We are still in the process of moving into a very nice home, but because of the now hectic schedule of trying to get settled, we don't go out as frequently as we once did, but she believes that I don't care as much as I used to and she says she's lonely? Bear in mind, that once we ARE settled, the same happy go lucky guy she fell in love with will be wanting to get out and go with her. It's just that right now, I have to be business minded til the move is complete and I'm back to work.

I bring her flowers whenever the ones in the vase are gone, I constantly tell her how beautiful she is, I ALWAYS want her in the bedroom...we agreed before we were married, that the Honeymoon would follow the move in process.

Now, if I'm not constantly taking her out somewhere, she gets resentful and demanding. I keep telling her that things will pick up when all the business gets taken care of but to no avail. I can't focus on the business though if I'm always concerned about whether or not she's at home being resentful of me being out trying to finish getting out of my old apartment.

Should I be doing something else? She's the love of my life, but I'm so sad because I cannot seem to make her happy anymore. Please help ! Thank you and God bless. .


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  • Okay so I'm not in your age bracket at all (I'm 20) but let me take a stab at it.

    You guys are newlyweds. I know she knew going into it that your dad would be moving in but she IS a newlywed, remember. She probably didn't think he'd be moving in so soon so you two could have a bunch of time together like you see newlyweds do in the movies. She's probably just sad that it's not like that and she is probably saddened by that. I'm sure she understands the reasons for why you feel the need to be all business-y now but she was probably hoping the beginnings of her marriage would be a tad bit more romantic than it is.

    She probably also grew accustomed to all the going out you used to and so it's hard for her to adjust to the new schedule.

    See, women agree to this set up that you proposed (postponing honeymoon phase till after move-in) but that doesn't mean we don't secretly hope that it'll come first :p

    I'm guessing your marriage will survive this lol. But could you maybe find an evening to take her out on a date or go hold hands in the park or something? Unless it's like arctic conditions by you too in which case don't go walk in the park :p

    You're doing fine but I can understand why she's sad - even when I know she knows exactly why you're doing what you're doing.

    It's like when my boyfriend says he can't hang out tonight but he can tomorrow. I say that's fine and look forward to tomorrow but I secretly am hoping he somehow magically gets free tonight and can hang out.


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  • I just feel like she is too focused on herself, and not concerned with being a loving supportive wife. I think you need to find a way to tell her that you need her support and that you are doing the best that you can. She sounds very self centered.

  • okay, No offense but its time for some tough love I'm not trying to be rude. She is being selfish and that isn't fair. She needs to remember you have a lot going on and are stressed you seem to be doing all you can and that soesnt seem to be enough. You should tell her that he knew this would be the case when you got married and you need to have time to get things together. Good luck :) if she loves you she will understand


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