Where to go for honeymoon budget is $3000, affordable honeymoon destinations?

Where to go for honeymoon budget is $3000, affordable honeymoon destinations? Where to go for honeymoon, any special honeymoon destinations? Where did you spend yours or where would you like to go? How much is too much to spend for honeymoon?

Sorry, We are living in New Jersey.


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  • I would say look at the Caribbean or even Key West Florida try and find a beach house with staff or resort on the beach. You want a coral reef with crystal clear ocean water. Check with some airlines and see what package deals they have then upgrade them. You may also check exchange rates at different countries and see where you may get more bang for your buck. At the time the rate was 3.2 to one dollar in Rio I was traveling to Rio and it cost me $100 - 75 a night to stay in a condo overlooking the beach in both Copa Cabana and Impenema a wealthier area. I know Costa Rica has a good rate but high on crime and more a boys town. Look and you will find.

    If you go off season Europe can be cheap but one problem the dollar is weak against the Euro so you will get a excellent price on air and hotel but the food will hit you hard.

    I possibly made things worst. Good luck,


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  • I would love to go to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean and its very safe I hear unless its hurricane season. lol

    Also maybe Disneyworld in FL?

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    Haven't had a honemoon but my boyfriend's sister honeymooned here and his other sister and her husband celebrated her getting her doctorate here.

    Might end up being a tad more than 3000 with plane tickets and stuff but it's well worth it.