I love romance, let's hear your engagement stories. Either how you asked, how he asked you, how you'd like to ask, or how'd you like him to ask you!


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  • My fiance and I spent an amazing day at the beach. I was amidst blabbing away about how much I loved the ocean and how scared I am of sharks and he was just staring at me. I could tell that what I was saying was not really computing in his head and so I stopped and asked, "What's on your mind?" He got a big goofy embarassed grin and blurted out, "Lets get married...I mean...would you want to...would you do me the honor of marrying me?" I just sat there with a sly smile for a second and then gave him a huge hug and said "Why yes of course I will." That was one of the best days in my life.


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  • So after work my girl takes me to Taco Bell, I get some of those new volcano tacos and she gets the regulars because she can't handle the heat. Awwwww.

    I'm about to open a packet of fire sauce when I realize that it says "Will you marry me?" on the front. I set it on the table, slide it over to her and she smiles and nods.

    Then I start laughing and say I was just kidding, then do the dance of joy and bemusement

    She throws fire sauce into my eyes and it burns like a trillion blue suns.

    She eats her tacos and leaves and I call my friend to drive me home and drink a Frutista on the way.


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  • My fiance's really into his football. He took me to cheer him on at one of his football tournements, and he scored a goal, which obviously I cheered at him for from the bench's with some of the other girlfriends. & he pulled up his football shirt and underneath it said 'Marry me?'

    I dnno what he would have done if he didn't score =D

    anyway he ran over to the benches, and we ended up kissing... he ot a yellow card too for wasting time but still gotta love it :)