Dude I hardly know randomly digs for my opinion on weddings/engagement.

4th time I meet this guy (he's a friend of a friend), second time we hang out alone. Think he was seeing someone when I first met him some months ago, not sure if that's still the case. Lately, he is hard to read and sort of on the line of flirty and friendly.

Personally feel like I would never drop a question like that randomly on a dude I didn't know really well. Men, have you ever done this? WHY? It is really awkward. Especially when it turns out you are on the same page about everything with someone you hardly know. WHY?


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  • I'm not a guy, but I think if it's being mentioned early on that he's sees you a potential candidate for filling that position in the future.

    I had a guy do who did something similar on the second time we met. My friend asked him if he was married and had kids, the guy look me straight in the eye and said, "No, but that's something I need to start working on."

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