What did he want from me?

I'm inexperienced with men in general and just wanted a view on the way my guy mate acted with me! Basically I knew him from work we were mates for about a year he was engaged I was single I liked him but from a far.

Ive always known him as a flirt and quite a touchy bloke but after a year he started behaving/acting different with me. He started texting me a lot out of the blue(he never even bothered replying before)just general hi there hows u, was more attentive towards me asking to do do more stuff in work,when we went for coffee and we were sat opposite he would always come and sit right close to me and find reasons to touch me like touching my bra strap commenting on it, placing his leg right next to mine,staring stuff like that.

He also started chatting to me for hours on msn and got a bit suggestive - if you come over I might not be able to keep my hands to myself, if we go for a drink I might not behave and you're coming home with me. I said how it would look not good being seen out with me he said he didn't care and that I wasn’t just any girl and was trouble but not as much as he known! He even made a joke about going for a dirty weekend?! It wasn't all suggestive stuff he would say maybe we could do this and that.

We went on a date or two but I kept my distance as he had a girlfriend anyway he met some other girl week later dumped his fiance and went off with her. They were both in relationships at time

I confronted him felt he strung me along he totally denied it and made out it was all in my head. Now he acts as if he is awkward round me what you reckon


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  • I think he was interested in your body personally.


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