What would be your theme song for your wedding if you got married?

And what songs would you play?

I would love Will You Still Love Me by Chicago to be my theme song, and Id play my number one favorite band Queen throughout my wedding party, along with Aerosmith and some Lionel Richie songs, and so forth..it will be so lovely and just PERFECT ! :D haha

Im not even planning on getting married yet, and I'm single and still young but there is no doubt if I ever get married, those songs will be played ! Hahaha

Will You Still Love Me by Chicago

Dont Stop Me Now by Queen

Radio GaGa by Queen

Killer Queen by Queen

Somebody to Love by Queen

Made In Heaven by Queen

Love of My Life by Queen

The Great Pretender by Queen

I don't Want To Miss A Thing by Aerosmith

Cryin by Aerosmith

Crazy by Aerosmith

Angel by Aerosmith

Girl by Lionel Richie

Truly by Lionel Richie

Hello by Lionel Richie

Endless Love by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross

Etc.. I am so saving this list so I hope that my future hubby will have the same taste in music as me xD hahahaha. I feel as if I'm the only one who loves ClassicSoft Rock and Love song oldies at my age but I'm proud and hope to find The One :D haha


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  • well I have heaps I want lol but I can't think of the theme song yet:P

    id have a lot of fun upbeat songs like dance with me tonight by olly murs and some slow songs such as I swear by all 4 one.

    to give an idea:)

    marry me- jason derulo

    i wanna grow old with you- west life

    unbreakable- westlife

    i love somebody to love by queen as well! :)

    back at one- brian mcknight

    bump bump bump- b2k

    check yes juliet- we the kings

    closer- neyo

    dj got us falling in love- usher

    fight for you- jason derulo

    so fine- sean paul

    i found you- the wanted

    sway- michael buble

    kiss me- ed sheeran

    yeh I ain't gonna bore anyone lol its a really mixed up kinda thing but I can't wait!:)


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  • Ironically, my sister and I were talking about this yesterday. Because I would be the weirdo to have a Pok√©mon song as my wedding theme. The song is called Together Forever, it's a cute song.

    But in all seriousness, I would either choose

    Anywhere - Evanescence

    Alive - Adelita's Way

    Mama's Song - Carrie Underwood

    All your Life - Band Perry

    And just because I'm a weirdo and my boyfriend is too so I know it wouldn't bother him much,

    Sally and Jack's song - Nightmare before Christmas (Our shared favorite movie)

    I see the Light - Tangled

  • I Could Fall in Love-Selena

  • I will never marry. No one will take away my freedom.. EVER..

    • Um okay.. this was a question for the people who will want to get married in the future. Your answer is so irrelevant /:

    • You're right. My bad.

    • I don't see how marriage takes away your freedom ... it only shares your freedom with the person you love.