How to talk to my dad about my boyfriend and I getting married?

My boyfriend an I have been dating 2 years. We're both in college and working full time. I will be done in August and we're planning a November wedding. I will be 19. He will still be in college. We both have paid in full vehicles and our combined income will be enough to live comfortably, if we're careful. Both of us have been putting ourselves through college.

My dad thinks we need to wait at least two years. I don't really understand why, and he won't give me answers. Any advice?

His family and my mom are completely supportive of us getting married in November.


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  • Are you the oldest or only daughter?

    • Oldest of three

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    • Yes, you are right logically, but still his little girl in his heart

    • I understand that. And it just makes me want to know the best way to talk to him. Thank you

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  • Just say "Hey dad! This is my Bf, and were getting married!"

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