Husband picks fights out of know where?

My husband and I have been fighting a lot lately. We have been arguing over the fact that he doesn't spend enough time with me and when he does he tries to pick fights. His job requires him to be gone for days at a time, which I totally understand, I work too and understand that work comes first. The problem is when he does have time off, he spends more time with friends than with does me. I am usually extremely cool with this, since I enjoy spending time with my friends too. But I need to feel like I am a priority at least 5% of the time. I feel that he is taking advantage. I want to start to try and have a baby soon and he says really does too. He even talks to his friends about us trying to have a baby soon. But every time we get into an argument he puts me down about what type of mom I would make and this just devastates me. I know I am a really good person and I would be a really great mom. Having a baby is my life's dream and my husband has known this since we first started dating. I am 33 years old and feel like the opportunity for me to have a child is slipping away. Being around him has been so unbearable, that sometimes now I am actually glad when he is gone. My husband won't go to counseling, I'm thinking I should start going on my own. I just don't know what else to do.


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  • I'm sorry to hear this.

    When I was growing up a buddy of mine. His father started a job that caused him to do a lot of travelling. After a while buddies mother got use to being alone. So when the father was home, it became too stressful for her. So she made excuses to get out of the house by herself. She was having tea with friends, shopping whatever she thought of. Eventually they got divorced.

    I get a feeling what's happening with the two of you is similar. With business, your husband has got use to you not being around. So when he's home it's stressful and he goes to his friends.

    The other thing that comes to mind is. Could he be having an affair? Someone maybe going on the trips with him. Or meeting them there?

    I feel the best thing you and your husband can do right now. Before a little one comes along. Is go to marriage counseling. This has to be resolved. Otherwise this problem may break you two apart.




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