How can I get my fiance family to like me?

Ok so me and my fiance been dating three years engaged for two. Every since I've been dating him his family was never happy or supportive of our relationship he has 2 brothers and 1 sister on dad side 3 brothers on mom side half brother's. Plus a step brother and sister on dad side because his dad remarried so yes its a lot of people to please.

At first I thought it was only one of his brothers (dad side) that didn't like me I always thought he was jealous or wanted him to date someone that he liked to so he can secretly have sex with her behind his back like he's doen before. so all thorough out our relationship he's always tried to make him talk to other girls and it worked long story short he was talking to some girl whos crazy about him and it was going on the whole time we been together they had sex blah blah all was forgotten.

Now one day I was on Facebook and I noticed how his family only post negative stuff on his profile nothing positive not even when he's happy, he's deployed right now so the last thing he needs is negative so I decided to point it out and said (its funny how when something good happens everyone wants to say negative stuff but when bad stuff happens people want to be there for you) soo his step sister was the only one who replied very rudely and said I better shut my mouth before they really not like me and she called me a little girl, I've never talked to her so I have no idea why she would come at me disrespectful.

He tells me not to worry about it but its getting to the point that I just wanna know why they hate me or can never be happy for him they barely know me to judge and im the nicest person you could meet but they don't even give me a chance it doesn't help that we're getting married next year and they still won't talk to me.

What can I do to make them see im not such a bitch


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  • you can do the old saying "kill them with kindness". don't give them a reason to be mad at you. you can't change how you feel, its out of your control, so don't worry about it. i know how having your fiance's family like you is important to you (it is for me too), but you really can't control how they feel. it really sounds like they are just an unsupportive family to me though (just from what you said).


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