When is it time to start discussing marriage?

I'm 24 and I've been dating my boyfriend (also 24) for a year and change. We spend important holidays together ( Easter , Thanksgiving, and Mother's day with his whole extended family). his family lives close and mine is states away. he's met them more than once etc. We're not in a financial place yet where marriage makes sense but it's on my mind. I'm thinking about whether I can see myself with him for the long haul. We practically live together (spending 25-30 nights a month together) and we share household chores like cooking, cleaning, etc.

When would it be appropriate for us to discuss the possibility of marriage. I know we're young, but I wouldn't want to waste time with someone who can't see a forever future with me (aka marriage and kids). He's said he can see a "real future" with me, but we haven't talked about anything specifically. Should I wait until we hit the two year mark? Would that be putting it off too long?

Also, i usually take the lead in moving our relationship to the next level. I initiated "the talk" but he said I love you first (if that matters). Should i wait for him to bring it up?


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  • So he hasn't yet asked you... "will you marry me"? The man usually does all the work in that department, otherwise the man would take the womans last name.

    • no I'm not talking about an actual proposal. I'm talking about discussing whether or not we can see each other getting married somewhere down the line. I wouldn't want to be engaged before two years of dating.

    • Just because you 2 dont have much money doesn't mean you can't talk about getting married. Where do you 2 live? I guess it would be a bummer to be married and live in your parents house, LOL!

    • i'm employed, he isn't. it's not the right time. We both need to be on our own two feet first, i just want to make sure i'm not sticking with someone who doesn't see that kind of future with me.

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  • He could very well be thinking the same thing as you. If I were you I'd just ask him what he sees for you two in the future. I agree, I wouldn't want to spend my time with someone who doesn't see a future with me either.

  • after 3 years