Marriage oh marriage!

okay , so I'm getting married and I'm worried! about having to be shaved all the time , always looking good , always creative , blah blah , so can any one give me some ideas!?


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  • Wow...congragulations. But I really wouldn't think that you're fiancee expects you to be perfect for him. If a guy really loves you, (and I'm not saying that he doesn't), he really won't care. He'll love you for who you are. Sure, he will want you to look your best, but anyway, it's up to you with what you want to do.

    • I agree. If you're getting married he should love you regardless of how you look. Just look how you want to make yourself happy. If he does have a problem with how you look, you shouldn't be marrying him.

    • Mm-mmm. It's ok to look good, but again, it's up to her.

  • Ive been married for 17 years and ilke my wife shaved and a lot of times shave it for her,she enjoys it .


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