How can you tell if your relationship is heading towards marriage?

are there any tell tale signs that marriage is on the horizon? obviously besides the big Q, are there any signs or changes in a guys behavior that might suggest he's thinking about popping the Q?


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  • He's definitely going to begin acting on long-term considerations, when he plans to be with you for 'that long'. At least that will indicate his seriousness for a real, long-term relationship. If he's the type that can commit (and lives up to those commitments), and believes in marriage, then you can basically deduce that's in his plans. Otherwise, it's not that easy, especially since he may be saving for a ring, and wants to keep it a surprise.

    Fortunately, most guys are pretty terrible at subtleties, so if you catch him sizing up your ring or other preparations leak out, or something similarly obvious, you've caught him!

    Some guys though have no problem, and (like the first example given) make it very clear. You should know your guy enough to know if he's that matter-of-fact or not.

    I know that's not much, but that's the best I can think of, from my own and my guy-friends behaviours.


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  • I'm commenting so I can come back and read the answers guys give.

    I don't have an answer (sorry) but my boyfriend flat out told me he intended to marry me in the future.

    Another time I was typing too fast and left an "S" out of his last name and he goes, "You don't know how to type your future last name?"

    But I assume you're looking for less obvious signs.

    • yeah I'm looking for less obvious signs haha i want to marry my boyfriend someday but he's not ready and he still feels like we're a little new for that kind of step but i just want to know if there's signs to tell if thats where its at least heading