What keeps the passion in your marriage/LTR?

I fear the dreaded way people sometimes talk about their marriage or spouse, as if they are room mates or brother and sister running a household together. Does time necessarily breed boredom or contempt? Anyone here been with their S. O. for at least 7 years and still madly in love (not platonic love, or admiration. Real passion)? How do you maintain that?


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  • Don't STOP doing the little special things you do for each other.

    Don't GET COMFORTABLE with each other (meaning, don't settle into mundane routines)

    KEEP putting effort into your looks.

    Don't DISMISS each other if something is annoying you or upsetting you.

    DON'T BOTTLE THINGS IN!! If something is upsetting one of you LISTEN and WORK IT OUT!

    GIVE EACH OTHER A BREAK. Spend some time alone individually from time to time to regroup.

    DON'T LET DATE NIGHTS DIE!! Keep the romance alive literally, by going out AS A COUPLE.

    good luck to you and your relationship.

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