I'm 42, been married for 20 years to the best guy in the world we have 2 kids. But he's single friend is sharing naked pics of his girlfriend.

I'm 42 and have been married for 20 years to the best guy in the world we have 2 beautiful kids. He has a single friend who has girls send him naked pictures of themselves privately and he is sharing their pics with my husband. I confronted my husband and he said, he was curious. I let it go. But, I just caught him again getting forward emails from his friend with naked pics. of he's girlfriends. What is going on? I don't know what to do?


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  • No, sorry, that's BS. Your husband has no right to be looking at other girls, naked. Your body should be enough for him. I'm sorry, but if I was married, there should be NO room on my computer for pictures, or videos, of other women, ESPECIALLY women his friend KNOWS.

    When these other guys are saying, "Men are very visual creatures", they are right- but it is for that EXACT reason why your husband should NOT be looking at those pictures. He is becoming aroused by the sight of another woman's body, or finding some parts of it attractive. ("Curious", in other words, as he said himself.)

    He knows he is doing wrong, in a way, so if you hound him on it, he may retreat further into this perversion. That's bad for you... But it is obvious, if he had a (Complete, total) heart for your feelings, he wouldn't be doing this to you, especially behind your back.

    Perhaps the answer is to confront his friend. Tell him you do NOT want him sharing pictures of these girls with your man. He might be his friend, but YOU are his MATE. To me, my mate is more important than my friends- because SHE is the one I spend time with, who loves me in bed and out of it, and it's her heart that I need to know, better than my own.

    I hope your husband snaps out of his little excitement over seeing these girls that his friend has so disgustingly taken pictures of, to oggle over, with his friends. I would gather that those women would NOT be okay with that.


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  • Sorry to tell you but all guys have some p*rn someplace. We are visual. It has nothing to do with you. It doesn't mean he is unhappy. You could screw him every day and he will still find p*rn to look at. It is the way we are. My wife knew I had some p*rn because we would sometimes watch it together. Married guys masturbate too. Has nothing to do with how willing you are to have sex. Sometimes we need some release and it is easier to do it ourselves then to get into a big production.
    So the question is As long as he is not ignoring you to look at it why is it an issue?
    what is it that you have to do?
    let him have the pics.
    and even if you let him take pictures of you... he is still going to have p*rn.. ladies.. it is not about you...

    • this isn't p*rn. these are real girls. girls who his friend is fucking and he's probably met. that falls under the category of fantasies about real people that you know.

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    • Don't you understand how sensitive a woman's heart is? This is why men do not get women. To her, this is almost like a type of emotional, and sensual cheating. In her heart of hearts, she knows how fickle men can be. It is her desire to be the ONLY thing he lusts for, not pictures of other women, and ESPECIALLY not pictures of women his friend has so callously laid (It obviously meant nothing to him, if he's taking pics and sharing them like that), then snapped photos of it! I wish men would stop trying to make excuses for this disgusting behavior! She has every right to be upset.

    • With the internet you don't have to actually have it on your machine because it is so easy to find. If your afraid your wife or girlfriend might find it then why leave evidence. When I was married I didn't watch it very often but guys have needs. It became more useful after she filed for divorce and the frequency of sex went way down.

  • I wouldn't worry about this on its own unless you have other reasons to suspect he's envious of his friends single behavior, like your sex life being bland or not very frequent.

  • As long as its only images I wouldn't worry, its not personnal. Most guys would look at a picture of a naked female, weather the guy was single or not. If he is talking to these girls/texting them then thats getting to be more serious. But a few pictures? So what? There are naked women in films, and semi naked women on advertisments all the time

  • Anything but udolpixies advice would be best

  • He can't control what his friend chooses to send him, and you should be way past the point where you're trying to control who his friends are, or what they do.

    • grown people can still decide they'd no longer like to associate with immature or morally reprehensible people. no one grows out of that. he could ask his friend to stop.

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    • Bullshit. He can ignore his jerk friend who's sending him pictures of women he's slept with. He can tell his friend to "Stop it". Is he powerless to look at p*rn? Clearly she needs to do something about this. I am disgusted by the replies from the males here.

    • thank you thetundrawolf! and the name calling and bringing up rape is an extra dose of "lovely"

  • He may be staving off his friend's mid-life crisis or his own so he's reverting back to his teenage behaviour. There isn't much you can do. Eventually this should dissipate on its own.


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  • I'm 42, been married for 20 years to the best guy in the world we have 2 kids. But he's single friend is sharing naked pics of his girlfriend?
    Seems like he's possibly envious of his friend or so into the sexual objectification of galss that he's overlooked that these are gals who likely weren't paid to this or unaware that their pictures would be shared with others (this single friend sharing the pics is a prime example to me why I tell gals never trust a d*ck that's not gay and it's idiotic to give a gal sexual pictures of herself).

    What is going on?
    Likely what's going on is that he's found a probably better substitute for p*rn as these are actual gals he's interacted with (they're the gfs of his single gal) or could interact with making this more 'real' than fantasy p*rn stars.

    I don't know what to do?
    You can tell him that you're not comfortable with this behavior though I consider that a wash as I find most guys are very self-centered and care little to none about what makes their partner happy much less comfortable.

    You can tell his single friend's gf and past/present gals that naked pics of her are being shared though I also consider that a wash as at best it'll stop the flow of more naked pics for this single friend to share with your husband.

    You can retaliate by sharing naked pics of yourself with his friends saying it's only images it's nothing personal if/when he confronts you thus giving him a taste of what you possibly feel in this regard.

    • That is not the same thing. Her statement shows that neither her nor her husband knows these women. And he is not sending pictures of himself. Her sending pics of herself is certainly nowhere near the same. And you don't jump into a pissing contest. talk it over and just let him know she is uncomfortable. he should not have a problem deleting the pics

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    • @godfatherfan
      Nowhere did I state, suggest, imply, or mention this is the same thing so I'm unsure why you're telling me it's not.

      These are his friend's gf or sexual partners so her statement does imply that he does know these gals or know of them.

      Her sending pics of herself is quite similar as if his defense is it's just images it's nothing personal.

      As for the whole 'you don't jump into a pissing contest' I find guys actually respond better to pissing contests than talking which seems to be generally considered as nagging.

    • @the_champ
      Egh I have nothing to be bitter about regarding guys as I always get what I want and never had any negative experiences... o. O

      Nor am I passive aggressive I'm quite direct and blunt.

      Though do tell how men have clearly made me bitter? Let me guess it's because I dare to say something remotely negative about guys. LMFAO

      Though do tell me how am I passive aggressive? Are you aware offering options that may be passive aggressive does not necessarily mean those are options I would utilize? LMFAO

      What's excruciatingly childish in my opinion is you talking to a complete random internet stranger as if you know them.

  • tell him to cut it out. it's pervy and wrong. his friend is a grade A douche for sharing private photos. and these girls are stupid for giving them to him. your husband should NOT be checking out nudies of real girls that his friend is fucking. it's just gross

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