Is he some how hinting at marriage? or am I overthinking?

I told my boyfriend I want to marry him someday, said he wasn't ready for that stage and wants to be with me longer first, which is fine.

However he has said a few things that get me wondering whether or not he is trying to feel for my feelings about the subject, even though I've expressed to him that I want to marry him someday. One time I asked him if he was going to invite his sisters and his family to his wedding when he gets married and he said "yeah of course... that is if I get married" and I said "what do you mean? you don't want to get married?" (asked in general, not about us) and he said "well I don't know, I haven't really found anyone special yet" and he just looked at me like he was waiting for my response and laughed and said "I'm just joking".

Then last night we were watching YouTube videos and I asked him to click on the one that talked about living together before marriage and I can't remember what I said but his response was "who's to say that we'll get married after this?" (meaning after living together), in a joking manner, and he just looked at me again kind of felt like he was looking for a response and I asked him "when you say these things are you just looking for my reaction to them?" and he starts laughing. Then today he was cuddling on me and he started tickling me and I said his full name and told him to stop and he said my full name and I said "Ugh I don't like my last name, I like yours better, it's cooler" and he said "no you can't have my last name, no last name for you" and I said "I actually like the way my name sounds with your last name" and he said "oh hush"

What do you think? could he be some how hinting or am I overthinking?


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  • You're overthinking it. Just play, have fun, you're only young once.


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  • Sorry, if anything, he's hinting at the opposite of marriage. I think you're scaring this guy a bit.

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