Do married women ever think about their old crushes?

If so, are there times when you wish that maybe you should have gotten to know them better?

The reason I ask is I find it weird that I get these women who I seldom used to talk to from uni/school suddenly add me on Facebook like a year after their marriage. All I remember about them is the occasional glances they used to give me.
I'm like.. wtf is the point now?


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  • People get nostalgic. The kid you hated in HS, who you didn't care about, suddenly becomes your bud. The girl you used to date in college, you don't remember the fights as much as you remember the good times. It has nothing to do with their marriage's health. It has everything to do with filtering out the bad memories and re-living younger years.


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  • If we love someone enough to marry them honestly. The thought may cross our mind but not in the same way as in romantic that title is for the man I'm married to.


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