Moving in with significant other before being married?

Do you think moving in with your significant other prolongs marriage.


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  • Its really way too hard to say one way or the other definitively. There's so many other factors that go into weather a marriage lasts or not. Its kind of hard to explain but, no matter what they living arrangement prior to marriage, the dynamics of a relationship change slightly after getting married then what they were before. Not in a bad way though.


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  • coming out of 20 years of marriage..
    I will definitely live with someone before getting married again. You need to know if the things you find Cute Querks drive you insane when you are always together.

  • I would wait at least 2.5 years to let the love die and then see if it still works.

    • Before moving in?

    • No, marriage.

      I think it doesn't matter so much if you move in with each other or not as it does to wait with marriage. You can't really do a 'test run' if you can't be certain if your relationship is mostly based on chemicals, rather than long-term compatibility.

      Why marry before anything else anyway? Some people don't marry at all. If it isn't about taxes.

  • well moving in is like the "Test drive" phase before marriage

    • That's exactly how I feel about it. I would rather know before hand that we can make it living together before we are married and have to live together. But everyone seems to think it'll take him longer to propose now.

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    • Thank you!

    • I hope he does. But I thinking moving in would be a good idea, at least you can see if he does love you. Prolonging it would mean other reason, which I dont know.

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  • I hear that it's actually worse for a marriage to live together beforehand.

    But I also hear it's better to live together before marriage.

    I think that I'm against it. But at the same time, the opportunity may present itself to me in the next little bit. So...who knows what I'd do. Probably get a 2 bedroom place lol

    • What was the reason it's worse?

    • Because it produces a phase of contentment and then marriage is way less likely to actually happen - even if you're engaged.

    • Makes sense. Thank you.