Pink and Black wedding - what do I wear?

Yes I know this is another what do I wear to a wedding question, but they're fun anyway.

I have a wedding in May to go to, and the theme colors are hot pink and black. It's a big church at 4pm, and I'm not sure the location of the reception, but it might be there as well.

How fancy should my dress be? Like a cocktail dress, or more casual? Would black be ok? I don't know these people well as they're my boyfriend's friends. Also I don't reeeally want to have to buy a new dress, but I'm not sure I have anything that's dressy enough.



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  • Is it the kind of wedding where they ask you to dress to the theme? Because otherwise, you can wear any colour you like. Remember it's a church wedding, so make sure it's not too revealing, or at least tasteful. You can get away with something that's not too dressy if you fancy the other stuff up a bit.
    I work at a wedding venue, and I've seen people wear all sorts and look good. A simple sun dress with heels and a clutch is dressy enough for most weddings. But a cocktail dress works well. You want to look like you're making an effort, but remember you not trying to out-do the bride. Just go with something simple and safe.

    • Ok thank you for the ideas!!

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  • maybe a pink and black zebra prom dress...