When a narcissist gets married?

So one of my friends is getting married! Yay! But here's the kicker, a couple months before her engagement, I had decided to stop giving an ear to whatever she has going on because she has never taken a genuine interest in anything that is happening with me. But now she is getting married, like all girls do, they talk, and talk, and talk about everything wedding. And I just don't feel like hearing it. This "me, me, me" attitude is now to the 100th degree and its nauseating. And after deciding to pretty much cut her off, now I have to sit for a couple months listening to her go on and on and on! Should I be a "friend" or just continue with my previous plans...


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  • Ask Barack Obama. But, I heard his marriage has always been on the rocks and such, so maybe not the best idea.


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  • Only if she provides you with alcohol during this so called "girl time" . Also this is exactly why i don't have many female friends

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