How to tell the guy that you don't want sex relationship until marriage?

I met this guy and he was so awesome. Things kept moving so fast. And I told him that I don't want to go all the way with him. He agreed to that. Then one night we started kissing and things got hot and we started having sex.

I now feel like he only comes over to have sex and that is not how I was brought up. I was brought up that sex was for after you are married. Also I found out he is married. He said that he is waiting on the divorce papers to be final. That really makes me uneasy too.

He says that he has not been with any women for 5 years and the only woman was his wife and they haven't had sex for 5 years. This really makes me very uneasy. I feel like its adultery since his not legally divorced. Please help me know what to say or how I should tell him that I don't want sex anymore.


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  • Wow. That's difficult. Well, first off, I'd be pissed at the guy for not telling me about him being married even if he was getting divorced. It doesn't matter, if he respected you than he should've just been honest. Secondly, if you feel like all he wants is sex than your probably right and if you don't want that than you need to tell him straight up that your not willing to go that far yet and that you want him to understand and respect that and you. If he doesn't do that than maybe its time to leave him because relationships like this rarely work out. I'm sorry I have to be the one to tell you that and I hope everything works out. Good luck!


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  • Dump this guy NOW. He's obviously not respecting your wishes, not to mention that he's not in the right state of mind to be getting into a relationship with someone (still married?! ). It sounds like you are looking for someone with whom you can have a serious relationship with. And this is definitely NOT the guy.


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  • Just tell him. No. Especially if he is married. I know what you are saying about the divorce I would feel the same way.