What do I do when stuck in between friends?

Two of my closest female friends are engaged and all used to be a part of this tight group. "Amy" got engaged after 3 months. "Mary" got engaged after two years. Mary met Amy's fiancee and thinks he's an asshole. But that is only her first impression. Soon after, the group stopped hanging out with Amy. I'm the only one that hangs out with Amy anymore. But I still hang out with Mary and her friends. And I'm in the middle.

I'm told by both sides that I'm not being put in the middle. And yet Amy tells me from another that Mary thinks I'm being taken away from her by Amy. A couple days ago Mary told me that I'm not in the middle and I shouldn't worry about it. I want to say both are honest with me but if someone is lying to me I don't want to confront the wrong person. I thought I could just let it go and it'd stop but this has been getting worse since November.

I don't know if any of this makes since but I need a neutral opinion on the situation. Everyone else I know is attached to someone within the group. Should I confront the source, Amy, or Mary about this mess? Sorry about the length but I need to tell the whole story for any of this to make sense.

It appears even though Mary is engaged there's a possibility that she could have feelings for me. If there's some truth behind this it makes things a lot more interesting and going about this a little more carefully. How? I've yet to figure that part out.


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  • ok this might not be much help but you should be neutral like go out with the friend that asks first. But be there for whoever needs you. Be honest with every one.. Stuff lke that. Try not to choose between one friend and another that is how feelings get hurt.Good Luck with that


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