Serious or just someone to sleep about with?

I've been with my boyfriend for 3 weeks now, and he's already tried to get me to suck his dick and tried to finger me. He knows that I don't believe in sex before marriage (im 16) and he respects that, but he constantly tries to do sexual stuff like that. How do I know he's serious about me and I'm not just a girl he can try and get something out off? Thanks!


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  • If he really respects you like you said then he wouldn't have asked you to do anything sexual with him. He's just a boy and at his age, boys hormones are going crazy. There looking for any girl that they can sleep with because they are horny and just how boys are. So they will say anything to get it and since your saying your not ready for sex, oh he says he respects that to keep you around but what he is doing now is to get you to do other sexual stuff to lead to the sex. The question is: Are you stupid enough to fall for it? Hon, being a virgin is not doing anything sexual period. A virgin is untouched sexually and has done nothing sexual. A kiss is fine but when you start doing oral and letting the guy touch you down there is getting your heated up to do it. that's why he is asking for you to do it. Its all for his pleasure really. So yes he is trying to get something off of you. he will say everything you want to hear and that he is your boyfriend and that you have to give him oral and stuff. No, you dont. You stick to your virginity and if you are seriuosly thinking about giving it up, don't give it to him. Its only been 3 wks you don not even know him yet and him asking you to do that when he knows you are a virgin is disrespectful and he can care less about you. Remember this: Boys at your age have one thing on there mind only: SEX and once they get it, they tell there friends and that is not what you want. Save it for when you geta little older or married and with a boyfriend who really respects you and not ask you to suck his winnie. You deserve to lose it the special way by a guy you really feel for and been with for at least a month.


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  • Sorry, he doesn't respect your decision if he keeps trying to do stuff like that. He doesn't respect it at all. Trying to get you to do that to him makes this a certainty.

    If he very occasionally became overwhelmed with passion and tried to please you, sure that is hard to help sometimes...but if it is frequent and he is trying to make you do something against your wishes, he really doesn't care at all about your stance and is just trying to sleep with you.

    I dated a 28 year old virgin recently. She told me her stance was that neither person should touch a part they don't also have. Good advice I think...and the only advice I can think of without being super restrictive.


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  • Most boys under 18 don't take things too serious anyways and it's all about "getting some." He has already proved he doesn't respect your decision to remain abstinate until marriage. Which in turn proves he doesn't have respect for you. Dump him. He will just keep pressuring you and trying things until either you give in or he gets tired or you not giving in.