Ladies, this one is for you! How would feel if someone got you perfume to wear on your wedding day?

Okay, so I was reading this article about how certain smells can take you directly back to a certain place and time. For your wedding your should wear a perfume that you never wear and you don't plan on wearing, so when you smell that smell it will take you back to that day with extremely vivid memories. So I was planing on giving a few brides a beautiful perfume bottle, filled with a perfume that is suggested to be warn by brides. Is it a good idea? My boyfriend thinks Should I just give them the bottle for them to fill with their own perfume? But what if they weren't planning/even thinking on getting a special perfume? What do you ladies think? Would you be offended or would it be an awesome/unique gift?

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  • It's hard to say. That sounds like a really neat and thoughtful idea though!

    When I think about myself if I were on the receiving end of this gift, I don't know that I'd wear a perfume someone else picked out for me, unless it was my mom or my sister maybe. I imagine I'll probably have one picked out that I know I want to wear.

    For example there are certain smells that my boyfriend really likes on me, and they make him think of me when he smells them elsewhere, so if we were to get married I think I'd want to wear a smell I know we both find pleasant. Even if it's something that we're both used to.

    At the very least I'd say go with the bottle! And maybe ask some people close to the brides for a second opinion or suggestions on perfumes.


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  • I voted B. I think that is a really unique and special gift. I would just be careful with the sent you chose. Personally I'm very sensitive to smell so many perfumes bother me, so I'm sure other people are like that too.

  • I think scents are very personal and also scents smell different on different people. So selecting something may be difficult.

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