Getting cold feet help please question too short?

I've known him since we were 16 we met during class but started date exclusively when we were both 20. Four years later here we are... I love him but all of a sudden I'm not sure if I want this! What if he isn't the one? I know most of my family members are divorced and that's what I'm scared of. I left my ex for him but what if it's my ex that I'm suppose to be with? He also wants to move to suburbs in a big house and wants three children where as I want two only. It bugs me how he constantly wants to hold hands and do PDA I don't want to. I feel so stressed fuck help lol


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  • You need to just step back from it and look at everything! Weddings are stressful, you had no clue how many times I wanted to call mine off because of the stress! But I didn't and I'm glad I had my wedding, it was never a question of not wanting to marry my husband I knew without a doubt that I wanted to! And just because a lot of your family is divorced doesn't mean that you'll end up that way too! Stress makes you think all kinds of things, but you need to take time and figure out what you want. You don't want to marry this man and buy a house and have kids with him to just end up getting divorced. Marriage is a huge thing, just like buying a house or having a kid. Marriage isn't suppose to end in divorce and if you honestly without a doubt know that you don't wanna spend the rest of your life with him then don't waste the money or time. Things like how many kids you want or where you want to live at change. Y'all might find out after one child that y'all don't want anymore or whose to say y'all decide you want a big family and have 10 kids! At this point all you have to agree on is that y'all both want kids and that y'all wanna buy a home. Buy a home in the suburbs you may find you love it, he may find he hates then sale the house and move to ranch that's 5 miles down a gravel road and have moo cows if that's what y'all wanna do! Don't stress about that part yet!
    And the PDA it'll come to an end and you'll want it back when it does, I promise! Even though I don't have kids yet, I know they change everything! They change everything from the moment you decide to have them! Trust me on it! As far as marriage you just have to love one another and work at it! I've been married for almost a year now and we've had a lot threw at us but at the end of the night when we lay down no matter how bad our day has been we know we love each other and will make it. You just gotta have faith, my husband tells me that all the time! Just make sure you know what you want first!


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