Help should I marry her please give me some advice?

Okay I have been with the same girl for four years and I have some problems with marrying her.
1. She says if we get married I can't drink 24 beers a day.
2.we won't have sex 3 times a day. I need sex 3 times a day.
3. She will stop loving me
4. She will want kids.
5. She will get less attractive as she gets older.
6. We will argue more
7. She won't be fun anymore
8. I will have to grow up if I get married and I'm scarred to do that.
9. I can't go out anymore.
10. I'm scarred I will cheat in her if we get married


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  • no not when you have a list of ten reasons why not to marry her. if you ever have to ask the question should I marry her then the answer should automatically be no. when you want to marry someone you just no and you shouldn't have to second guess your self also you won't have a list of ten things on it. one thing I will say is that you shouldn't be drinking 24 beers a day. that is a sign of a true alcoholic. I am a recovered alcoholic and didn't need do it with AA or religion. if you would like to get married eventually I would think about moving on with your life sooner then later. I am not saying break up with her, but what I am saying is either work on the things that are stopping you from marrying her or move on with out her. don't settle no matter what you do.


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  • No, dont marry her. you sound like a mess.