She says she loves me but can I trust her love?

My girlfriend says she doesn't believe in true love or believe people are destined to be together. yet she said she 'thought' her ex-husband was the love of her life. will she eventually just look for a reason not to be with me and find someone new?

could I be the love of her life is this word play at its best or is it just mind games?


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  • i wouldn't worry about it. we all thought that we were with the love of our life at some point and months later or even years later things changed. think about how many times you thought you were with the one before meeting her and you should understand what she's telling you. pay attention to her actions towards you and others that's she's close to. her affection towards you is more important then what she says.


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  • I had different kind of X's in my life probably more than 20s women.Some of my ex's mentioning how great these Xbf (singular) was and 5 of them ended up marrying their X.

    In my experiences she still have the feeling for her X or grudges.
    That's troublesome mate. Observe her reactions, actions dont be fooled by words.
    Then the best card that you can use is don't be clingy, love your self and provide your self a way out for any unexpected scenario.

  • U missed the point. If she remembers wonderful time with her Ex i presume that you are doing well..