Guys what do you consider "wifey" material?

List at least 5 things you'd look for in a potential life long partner!


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  • Well according to me, you have to be a woman to be wife material, girls don't count. You have to be the woman who encourages her partner in whatever he's doing, support him all the way through. Humility, kindness, selflessness, this one is a bit personal 'simplicity' (I don't mean gullibility or simple-mindedness I mean her lifestyle, no drama ) mature, smart, she's suppose to let me know that she also has a life and that her needs count, Love humanity and children, treat everyone equally including the less fortunate, classy and elegant, imperfect, she needs to make mistakes; everyone does. Since, she's going to be such a great wife, then I'd do nothing but return the courtesy and be an excellent husband and massage her feet make sure she's happy, take the best care I can of her, give her pleasure and don't expect from her what I myself am not :)


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  • Emotional Intelligence
    Not easily led by the media and the propaganda of how a woman should look and act.
    Not a feminist
    Feels comfortable without makeup
    Can command attention without being aggressive.
    Understands her role in the family and doesn't try and play mine.

    • But a feminist is someone who believes in equal rights for men and women

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    • After the Second World War their was a need for women to enter into the work place, as women joined the workforce they realised that their was inequality in not just salary but silly little things, if a woman got married or pregnant she would be fired. This fuelled the feminist movement and women were so geared at getting men back that they fought for any right and every right. They were soon manipulated into fighting their way out of the home, destabilising the home further. Many women reading this may think I'm being sexist, but it's because their minds are still young and they haven't an understanding of where true power lay... And the truth is, it's with her at home if she wish it to be so... In the centre as the heart. Women are forcing men further into the home, playing right into their hands... Their next stage is to empower women so much that they stand demanding to wear the trousers.

    • If you watch carefully at children's program's in the west, it subtly geared at empowering the female and disarming the male.

      One day the woman will wake up and realise that she isn't happy that she can control her man so easily, she'll wonder where his balls are gone. She'll realise that she's been working so hard that she forgot to have kids. She'll cry out for all the real men and no voice will answer.

      Lol apologies for the long winded reply

  • 1. Physical and Emotional Attractiveness
    2. Upbeat and happy; majority of the time
    3. Sexually deviant; like minded
    4. Highly sociable; worldly
    5. Active and driven; nature oriented

    Girlfriend material.

    Who knows what "wifey" material looks like for me because I've yet to meet someone I'd even consider marrying.

  • Firstly.. can she hold a conversation. Then honesty, not too dependant, open with her emotions. Then, I would have to meet the mother in law to get an idea what the girl woukd be like in years to come. Looks are largely irrelevant, because as time passes they will fade

    • Wow, the idea of looking at the mother in law is a great idea! It may not be 100% precise but it will definitely give you a good idea.

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    • Ohhhh believe me, personality wise it is not far off 100% accurate lol x

    • I'm going to be using this whether its 100% or 99.9% thanks!

  • smart, knowledgeable about at least a few things, thoughtfulness and courtesy toward others, serious about the things in life that should be taken seriously, and sense of humor

  • She should be able to choose which particular butter brand i would buy if we were together in a supermarket.

  • Internet p*rn. Real women? No thanks lol.

  • w- Wwonderful
    I- In
    F- finding
    E -everything
    Y- you


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