The original Christian belief...

I'm not religious, but I find myself watching The 700 Club for background noise.

A segment on bible illiteracy happens to be on this episode, and it shows some very interesting numbers regarding the true Christian faith. Long story short apparently the vast majority of modern young Christians do not believe in the original and "true" religion, many believe in reincarnation, 80% believe that simply being a good person can get you into heaven and a large number even support gay marrige.

Personally none of this bothers me. Reincarnation, who knows, being a good person well there are a lot of bad people so probably and gay marrige, whatever floats your boat. Just looking for some other opinions preferably from Christians.

Anybody can believe whatever they want but I would like to know why anybody would want to believe in a God that runs the world like a prison and sends you to burn for all eternity unless you adhere to a set of rules that are physically impossible to follow.



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  • ummm yea I'm definantly no expert on the Bible but what I believe is pretty basic for Christians I guess. if you believe that Jesus died on the cross for you and you are saved and everything then you are going to heaven. its as simple as that for me. if I sin I ask for forgiveness and God forgives me. he loves everyone no matter who they are or what they have done. sometimes I do wonder though. I have read that when we get to heaven we will all be brothers and sisters and we will not like be married or anything anymore and we will love everyone equally. I don't rly see how that's idk...ummm fair? I'm not sure if that's exactly the word for it but how can you love a complete stranger like you would your mother or something which I guess then she won't even be your mother anymore...idk somehow I just don't see how that's exactly right but the fact that ik that God has a plan for everything and that he is right kinda overshadows that and just makes it ok. ik that when I go to heaven I will be happy forever and worship him and that is all I need to know I guess.


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  • I think your overthinking it all. And I'm not an expert, but what I've already said is what I believe. You've said your not religious and I'm sorry for that. if you would actually like to have this conversation with someone who knows their stuff, you should speak to a priest or pastor or father or reverend or rabi or whatever. I don't really know the difference, aside from their religions. Or read the bible without OVERthinking everything. It seems that's what your doing. And the last thing I'm going to say, concerning this, is the God I believe forgives my sins when I repent. If I know what I did was wrong, and ask for forgiveness, my God will give me forgiveness.

    • But that's the thing, according to the current Christian belief that is not what God is like. According to them God is basically a court judge and jury and when you die he passes judgement based on the sins you're guilty of. The only way to be forgiven for a sin is to confess to a Priest and he forgives you on God's behalf, which is breaking the Lord's name in vain commandment.

      You're belief is a lot better, you see God as a benevolent being who can forgive, but the true Christian belief...

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    • Weird. I don't ever watch 700 Club because its kind bigotted and I don't really agree with all that they say

    • I acctually kind of get some laughs out of it from time to time, I swear Pat Robinson is legally insane.

      The only thing I ever agreed with the people on that show with was that our government is spending the country into financial ruin. How we're in the ass end of a very bad reccession and now they want to raise taxes, they do that and we're looking at another few years of nobody being able to spend money.

  • How are the commandments or rules physically impossible to follow?

    • If you want to have a kid, you have to feel lust in order to do so, at leas the male does.

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    • You're also forgetting one crucial step in all this. God forgives. Its not like "Op, you're one step over line, to hell with you!"

    • I'm afraid you're wrong, thinking is commiting because you're indulging in your urges, which Christianity forbids. Have you ever been asked to go out of your way for someone and refused? That's sloth because it's considered laziness.

      Working overtime at an hourly job can be considered gluttony because it is going out of your way for material things (money and what you use it for). This can also qualify as greed.

      Ever done something that you were particurally satisfied with? That's pride.

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  • I think God's rules make sense.

    -Don't steal

    I like that one.

    -Don't commit murder

    Another great one.

    -Don't covet your neighbor's wife

    If we all did that, no one would have affairs, and many marriages would be stronger.

    Some of the others such as:

    -"You shall have no other gods before me"

    -"You shall not make for yourself an idol"

    -"You shall not make wrongful use of the name of your God"

    -"Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy"

    tie in with:

    "I am the Lord your God".

    • It's more the 7 deadly sins that were added on later that are really the problem.

      Because the 10 Commandments I also agree with, though the "not use the Lord's name invain" is a subject of debate on exactly what that means.

  • Um, nobody believes in the "original and 'true'" religion, because the religious texts have changed so much after being transcribed and translated over and over again for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years that they are basically literally completely different from what they originally were.

    • I mean in regards to what it currently is.

      It's still no premarital sex and sex only to sire a child even in wedlock, reincarnation doesn't exist, no gays, the 10 commandments and 7 sins and blah blah blah. They're basically saying almost nobody even follows that and is therefore doomed to burn for eternity.

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    • And the sin of Pride by saying that their beliefs are better than others.

    • And greed by constantly asking for money.

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