What is marriage material according to guys?

Just wondering what do you guys think is marriage material while adressing a girl as one? Also, what kind of girls make best gf or best wife?

would you want her to have a job that earns more money than you? or would you prefer a house wife?


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  • I would consider the following marriage material

    1) Honesty to a fault - I don't want to have to worry about her banging another guy.

    2) A friend - someone who will hang out and do fun things with me.

    3) Frugal with my assets. Don't want someone tearing up the mall.

    4) Fair fighter - you're going to have arguments. Learn how to make them as constructive as possible.

    5) Loves sex and lots of it.

    Men really need the three F's. Feed em, fuck em and be their friend.


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  • Respect herself, Her room and nails are clean, She wake up early, She taking care of Many things but she didn't compromise her health.She might be the sexiest girl in the room but every guy will respect her.She understand and he know her man's ups and downs, toughness and weaknesses.She wear a smiles that melt his partner's heart.

  • 1.She has to be beautiful from the face, or at least above average.
    2.She has to be as smart as me if not smarter.
    3. She has to have similar interests with me.
    3. Good sense of humor.
    4. No turn offs, no annoying laughs/voice
    5. Can't have a huge list of guys she's slept with.
    6. She Should be able to support herself

  • Your willingness to be an unpolluted listener is an important sign for a deep relationship. I don't talk about marriage or love or friendship.


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