Is it legal to be naked in your own home?

A man was recently convicted of this. link

Anyway, here is the poll: Is someone naked in their own home near a window exposing themselves? Or is someone passing by who looks a peeping tom?

  • The naked person is exposing themselves.
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  • The passerby is a peeping tom
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  • Whoever the man is, he's the one committing the crime. Especially if it's an older man, we know they are all perverts anyway.
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For people too lazy to click on the link, in this case, the man was naked in his own home. It was a mother and child who walked by and saw him.


Most Helpful Guy

  • i have a feeling that if it were a woman who was naked in her own home and there was a man who saw her and complained, people would be more likely to label him a peeping tom than to label her a pervert.

    • Finally, someone gets it.

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What Girls Said 4

  • being naked in my own house is my right, I am free to do whatever I feel like to. however, when I do, I always close my curtains, my main thoughts are not because I may offend anyone, but because when I get out of my house, I may see some of these neighbours (I live in an apartment) and feel kinda weird cause they've seen me naked. but I don't think it's right to put someone in jail or something like williamson for being naked in my own territory.

  • I heard something once about a stripper who had a pole in her backyard for practice. She put up an 8 ft privacy fence, but some boys from the neighborhood climbed her fence to look over, and somehow or another their mothers found out, and SHE got in trouble because the boys climbed her fence.

    Really? Is this what we've come to?

  • I don't think someone who is naked in their own home is exposing themselves, but I don't think someone who sees them is automatically a "peeping tom" either. Sometimes, you just glance up at the wrong time. Awkward moment, move on.

  • I think it should be alright to be naked in your own home...

    • And wroong to be looking in people's windows?

    • No I think if you have open windows people can look in and its not one fault...unless they are trespassing. But its neither person is at fault if there was no trespassing

What Guys Said 2

  • listen, I never wear clothes when I'm home...i enjoy being naked and if I'm naked in my house and I gotta goto the windows and water some plants or something I don't think that's indecent not in public I'm in the privacy of my own home...people shouldnt look through your windows and if they do than whatever. its not something scarring or something to call the police about..its just me that so frightening? well it may be to the parents but to the kid I'm sure he laughed, and its not like I'm getting naked in front of kids! I'm just chillin in my birthday suit in my own home, if people wanna sneak a peak in my house and get offended by what they see than that their problem

    • Yeah, when I was a boy, I was going to the Y and swimming naked with my stepdad and a bunch of ugly old dudes...Do guys still swim naked at the Y...?

      Point is, I knew what grown naked men looked like...People are WAY over protective of kids nowadays.

    • Lol....i don't know about all that swimming stuff but your right. people think if they see someone naked that they will deviate from society or something and its all bullsh*t...its only a naked person. its natural...i don't get why anyone would freak out about that

    • Yeah, it was men only, and if you think about it, we all showered and changed together, so putting on trunks would have been silly.

      Plus, it tended to discourage belly flops...didn't want to hurt our boys, you know. ;)

  • Its one thing to just be naked in your house, but its another to stand naked by a window or open doorway where your clearly exposing yourself. In the article the man was convicted because he intentionally exposed himself in front of people who were walking by. As long as you can't be seen directly from the outside, there's nothing wrong with being naked in your house. However, in my eyes there is no difference between being naked on the sidewalk or naked in front of a large open window.

    • Intent is often in the eye of the beholder, which in this case is a society who lables men perverts first and asks questions later.

    • There was a whole trial to determine his intent. Because I do not know all of the information, I am inclined to believe that the verdict was an accurate one and his intent was to expose himself through his window. However, he is appealing and if he wins the appeal then I will change my opinion on this situation.

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