Did you go/are you going Black Friday shopping?

It’s 5:30 am and I JUST got home from the mall. I was there since 11.
I spent $2305, mostly on myself lol


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  • I'm not doing any Black Friday Shopping this Friday. I'll be at work! But I've already seen some news reports of people waiting in huge lines already.

    Good luck to everyone shopping today!


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  • No, I won't. Because first of all I've heard that the shops are rising the prices to then lowering them on sale, so the customers are technically paying the original price or something. For example something costs 20$, then they rise it to 40$ to then make it end up as 20$ again when it's on sale. The second reason is because it's a lot of people and probably very chaotic. So it would just be stress for me.


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