Boyfriend didn't do anything for my birthday.

Why did he not do ANYTHING for my birthday,NO CALL,NO CARD,NO GIFT,NO HAPPY BIRTHDAY. At least send something,since I'm not speaking to him or leave a voice mail. But he did something for this girl he's been cheating on me with, He hand made her something(I hve sources) We have been together for two years and we are now broken up. But I just wanna know why he didn't even say happy birthday. Even tho I gave him the silent treatment 1 month prior to my birthday(He was cheating on me) And secondly his birthday is a week after mine should I send him a card saying happy birthday even tho he didn't remember mine? It will also make him feel like sh*t. And there's NO WAY for him to forget my bday it's 7 days before his! Please comment, thank you


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  • Honey...I'm sorry to be harsh, but you guys are broken up because he cheated on you with someone else and is obviously into that girl for more than just sleeping around because he hand made her something, which shows true interest...why are you even questioning whether you should do something for his birthday?

    At this very moment, he's your cheating ex-boyfriend...that's the bottom line. And you shouldn't expect anything from him either...because you expected fidelity (as anyone should be able to when you're in a relationship)...and you didn't get that, why would he come through with something sweet/tender now that you guys aren't even together?

    Bottom line sweetie? Let it go, don't waste any more of your precious time/energy on it and move on. Good luck hun! :)

    • But we are not broken up... It's complicated. I've been giving him the silent treatment and I've been not answering his calls and not seeing him. And he's been apologizing and all that stuff but I'm still NOT speaking to him. Me and him are very close and we dated for 2 years. We were friends before we dated, This other girl is new to his life and she gets a hand made birthday gift?

    • Honey, you said up there in your question "we are broken up". Even so, you also said he's spending all this time with this girl he's cheating on you with...he's getting his cake and eating it too. Yes, this other girl gets a hand made gift, it's MESSED UP, and you deserve better, get rid of it and move on sweetie, he's over there with her because he wants to be.

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  • i almost made this mistake with a girl I barely cared about at the time. I at least said happy birthday!#


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  • if you guys are broken up then that's why he didn't say happy birthday. you shouldn't expect it from him, much less a gift. and you definitely should NOT send him a card, he doesn't deserve it!

    • We are not broken up, We are still together but I'm just not talking to him.

    • If you are not talking to him and ignoring him, then that's why. if he has another girl in his life then leave him! why even think about it.