Does the price on a gift matter?

Does it matter or not? #Gift #Christmas

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I think it's a good thing the gift shouldn't be too expensive or cheap, but I don't think you've be very exact either. I wouldn't mind if I used 10$ on one person and 12$ on someone else's. If I planned to buy something for 10$, but it was on sale and costed 5$ it wouldn't bother me either.

I've a friend however who thinks the exact number is very important. If he used 12$ on two people, he also wants to spend the same amount on the third person too. Even if the people he knows doesn't know each other. If he bought something that previously costed 12$, but costed 5$ because of the thing was made cheaper - he still insisted on using 12$ and buying another 7$ thing to make up for it. So he may buy two or three things to one person, but only one thing to another to get the exact same number.
Yes, to an extent. It shouldn't be too expensive or cheap. It doesn't have to be the exact number though.
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Yes, it does. A gift should cost an exact number.
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I think the thought matters more than the price itself.
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I think as long the thing I've made/bought is nice, the price doesn't matter that much.
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Does the price on a gift matter?
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