How do I personalize on a budget for him?

Back in 2011 I decided to get my boyfriend a ring as a promise ring, it was a sterling silver ring with like a weird tribal S on both sides, I picked it because I saw it as two souls connecting as one and one day we'd be closing the distance. I gave it to him and it was way too big for his fingers, he had long and slender fimgers compared to my big stumpy hands given that I'm 6 ft 4 and he's 5 ft 9.

He appreciated the thought but had asked if I could hang onto it until I could get it resized. In 2014 I went to wash my hands at work and because I was rushing to get back to the special needs class I was teaching I forgot it in the bathroom, went back as soon as I realized and it was gone and stolen, I asked every senior girl at the school but no luck it was stolen.

So back to today, we were talking about possibly seeing one another for the December holidays and for Christmas he got me photography related mechanical keyboard key caps, and I didn't have anything for him and I'm on a tight budget, I'm even giving up one of my most wanted tattoo's to get him something. Anyway he said he would like something personalized.

We have personalized coffee cups, t-shirts, hoodies even books and such, so I told him the options that I had for him but I wouldn't know if he'd wear or use them or not and so he liked the ring idea.

But I don't know how to personalize it because I could do our initials or even our surname as he's adament that he's marrying me. I want to make it special since no one has ever done this for him before.

I also want to write a really sweet message confessing my feelings for him and make it almost like a promise ring and an engagement ring at the same time.

Do you have any suggestions?
How do I personalize on a budget for him?
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