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Hello everyone. :)

This is my second contest for a prize on GAG. One winner will receive a $25 Barnes & Noble bookstore gift card that will come directly from me. Please read all of the rules and the question prompt before entering.

***PLEASE READ: Contest Rules***

1. You must be 18+ to enter

2. You MUST post your answer anonymously to prevent any unintentional bias when I read and select the winning entry (any not anonymous answers will be disqualified)

3. You can enter only ONCE in ONE post (3k character limit, no multi-posts or extra comments allowed)

4. The contest will end on May 1st, 2011 and I will pick the winner and announce it in an update and I will also comment on the winner’s post

5. Whoever wins MUST divulge their username and contact me in a private message because I will need your address to mail you the gift card (This is why you need to be over 18)

***PLEASE READ: Contest Question Prompt***

Select ONE of these paintings, one that speaks to you, and write about your reaction to it. I want to know how it makes you feel and what you think about when you see it.

Please specifty which picture you are writing about by posting #1, 2, 3 or 4 in your answer so I know what I'm reading about.


1. link

2. link

3. link

4. link

You may include things in your response like- What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? What do you think is going on? What do you think about the artist who did this? Do you know any of the history behind this piece or about the artist? If you’re familiar with art, what kind of style or art movement encompasses this piece?

Good luck to everyone and thanks for your participation,


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  • I picked number 4

    This picture is bitter sweet to me. The colors, the red walls and bright lights represent to me a happy, cheerful place that should be full of life and laughter. Seeing just the bar itself, I'm imagining loud, lively music playing. However, looking closely at the figures in the paintings, they all seem to be sad and to fold into themselves.

    On the right side there are 2 figures sitting together at the table. The figure with the blond hair seems to be talking and using her hands to get her point across while the male figure does not seem to be responding well to the news that he's receiving. His head is resting on this hand and he's slumped over the table.

    There is also an older man leaving the place, he's standing next to the pool table. There is an empty bottle of wine at the table that he's leaving. He seemed to have made a decision about something and from his body language he's walking determinedly out of the bar. Perhaps he's fed up with something and is determined to deal with that matter, whether that's a positive thing or a negative thing, I'm not sure.

    There are 3 more figures painted on the left side. At one table there is a man and a woman sitting together and a lone man sitting at a table by himself.

    Looking first at the couple sitting in the corner, the man is looking down while he's talking to the woman, refusing to meet her eyes while the woman's face is positioned as to face the man. Her head is bowed down while she is listening. It doesn't seem as if he's telling her good news.

    The last figure is slumped over himself and is holding his hat down as to cover his face. To me, this signifies that he wants to be left alone and is either shutting the world out or is closing himself off to the rest of the world. Perhaps life has dealt him one too many bad cards.

    The reason why I picked this is because I think it's a reflection of life for past, present, and future generations. People put a smile on their faces and go about their day. They smile and they laugh, in all regards they appear happy and excited by life when in reality, they might be crying and sad on the inside. I feel as if this painting reflects that. The background is so bright and so upbeat that at first glance, you think that this is a painting of a happy scene. But if you examine the painting closer, looking carefully at the figures the artist painted, we see that this is not the case. The sad people and emotions are hidden by a bright room.

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  • link 1 is my favorite. it's just nature and it's very tranquil. it's not ruined by any presence of people.

  • For a second there I thought you got hacked by some marketing bot lol.

  • The first one shows the peace and tranquility of nature. No people, no cars, nothing like that. I'm sure it's an older piece, but it's nice seeing that. It makes you think of how calming it would be to just go hang out on the dock or go fishing with a few friends free of problems and just relaxing.

  • Link two's funny. They have the lil' umbrellas in the shade and there's what looks like a steam boat in the background. Everyone's all dressed up with nowhere to go. Wonder where the rowers are off.

  • Haha! And, praytell, how will you know who the real winner is, if he/she is anonymous? When you pick a winner, you'll probably get half-a-dozen people claiming that it was THEIR post! ;D

    (For that matter, how will you even know if they're 18? Lol)

    • My guess is that moderator can see this stuff anyway.

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    • Only the Admins can see through anonymous.

    • She just said she didn't want any bias on who she pics. That's why its anonymous. You should... idk... read or something.

  • How is the winner going to prove themselves? Screenshot it in their answers list?

  • 3.. Something about it just reminds me of the feeling I got when I was growing up.. The kid on the far left has his head down, and the elder people around him have enthusiastic expressions like they are correcting his behavior... I guess I just relate to this one more than the others because of how it applies to a family setting similar to what I grew up in. I wonder if the artist felt the same way? Painting about something from his childhood.. or maybe trying to relate to that emotional appeal so that people would buy his work?

  • Not many people know that this painting is on a huge canvas that is ten feet wide, so it relatively is a huge painting. Painted with an interesting kind of precision, which is really quite at odds with impressionism. The way the paint was applies is different from other impressionist paintings and a kind of formality and stiffness that is very obvious. So why did the artist decide to make the painting the way he did? The glorious luminous color, full sunlight, leisure Paris, the park like setting, the middle-class, all which have been a staple of impressionist paintings. However, this painting is very unique in the restraint, and stiffness, as if we are looking at figures on a chessboard. There is a feeling that everything is planned out. Some sense of everything been thoughtfully and carefully placed. That thoughtful composition is very much at odds with impressionism. While in contrast Monet and Renoir has a more of the feel of the spur on the moment painting. So this artist has a very unique painting style for that era. Everything in precision, the landscape, the formal people, everything about the environment is idealized. It feels sort of transcendent and timeless, seeing the middle-class of Paris at leisure.

    The artist was actually studying the ancient Greek art at the time. He was attempting to mimic the classic and timeless feel of the ancient Greeks. So in the painting we see the artist take the Parisians and take an everyday activity, a cast away moment, to create something timeless out of them. While there is nothing heroic about this picture, there is something else in the picture that suggests about the society at that time. There is such potential for intimacy in this rendering, there are people sitting together yet there is a distance between them. The middle class of Paris at this time has such the air of formality, aloofness, and coolness. There is not a lot of interaction, a separation between everyone. Almost lonely in this sort of society. In fact the only acts of spontaneity are the little girl and the animals. Almost everyone else seems consumed by their societal roles. The characters are facing in four cardinal directions, (towards the lake, facing us, away from us, and away from the lake) are such rigidness on the people. This suggests there is a sort of artificiality, a posing of the role of what it meant to be upper middle class in Paris at this time.

    Something that is impossible to be photographed is how this picture shimmers in color and light. It really was what the artist was going for, how to make this painting really luminous and to really indicate outdoor sunshine. While he goes in a different way than impressionists did, he builds on impressionism. He impose systematic an order to the impressionist way of painting. The result is to be bombarded with an orchestra of colors which is really quite extraordinary. This painting has quite a impact, with its thoughtful form, society nuances, and complex color.

    • #2. Ran out of space.

  • I'm not after the gift certificate (not sure we even have Barnes and Noble in my area) but I just wanted to make an overall comment on the four paintings.

    The common theme seems to be a sort of comical (or grotesque) abstraction of humanity (or normality). No one looks quite normal, sane, or sensible in these photos, and I suspect that may have something to do with your coming from a Chinese background where community is paramount and alienation is less systemic. What do I know though. :P

    • You're writing style reminds me so much of someone I know :O Have we met Mr. Anonymous? lol

    • I don't recognize your name. :O

    • Oh darn..ok lol

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  • I love painting #2. I have never seen it before until now and I must say the artist is genius. The artist is depicting a certain society, where all the people come to the park and take a rest and enjoy the fresh air as the sun goes down. There are a lot of interesting people in the picture. Some women seem upper class and rich, wearing fancy dresses with royal hats and poofy skirts like in the Victorian era. The men are wearing gentleman like coats and long hats and have canes. Even some of the children are dressed luxurious and elegant. Some people are different however. In the middle of the photo, a young girl is sitting playing with flowers, perhaps daydreaming and smiling to herself. She appears to be the maid to the woman sitting in front of her, who is richer because she has the royal hat and elegant dress and umbrella to cast a shade from the harsh sun to protect her delicate skin. Another man sitting on the lower bottom left of the picture is wearing a sleeveless shirt with old looking pants, smoking a pipe and just relaxing on the grass enjoying the view. Beside him is a rich married couple, the husband is also enjoying the view may be planning his business goals, as his lady love is knitting something, enjoying her free time. One man wearing a red coat in the middle-left of the photo is using his hands to propose a business plan of some sort, perhaps he is an engineer or construction entrepreneur. Four men wearing all white are rowing a canoe for a rich lady sitting on the boat in the water among the other sailboats. One middle class couple are in love in the far background, some middle class kids are playing while other richer kids sit quietly and poise with their mothers. Even the animals have their own class system, the two dogs in the front of the picture are playing amongst themselves, and then there is a very rich couple in the front-right of the picture that appear to be the most richest, they have a monkey on a leash as their pet. It just shows how dogs are common to most people in society such as the lower and middle class, but to have an exotic monkey symbolizes higher wealth and luxury. The couple also seem very noble and their emotions depict a combination of seriousness and pride, as if they were the king and queen of the entire community, admiring their loyal followers. I like the contrast of the the bright sun versus the shade that the trees create in the park. You would think that all the rich people are arrogant and want to be away from the sun and sit in the shade, and all the poor people and commoners sit in the burning sunlight, but in this painting that's not the case. The poor man smoking the pipe has his freedom and he can do whatever he wants, he is sitting in the shade right next to a higher class couple. Likewise, there are other higher class folks sitting happily in the sun and not necessarily the shade. There is a perfect mixture and dispersion of people. The artist conveys the message of a perfect society...

    • ...that has balance, tranquility and is harmonious. I think he is trying to portray the message that everyone plays a certain role in society, there is the higher class that are most powerful and noble and rich, there is the middle class who are the commoners and entrepreneurs and then there are the poor who have their own dreams and hopes. Everyone plays a significant role and most importantly, everyone is happy the way they are. The painting tells a story that everyone leads a different path

    • in life, holding a different status or title, but at the end of the day there is peace and harmony and everyone is content, enjoying the fresh air on a warm afternoon at the park. In simple words: this is life. There's not a single thing that I don't like in this painting. I love it, it is brilliant.

  • Number one looks like it painted by monet, or van gough because it resembles impressionism. I think that this is impressionism because of the blended colors, and there are no lines, which would indicate the artist used a plane to create upon. Overall, I think that the work is mesmorising because of the way the artist uses layers of oil to create the refelctions of scenery in the water.

  • I really hate contests because I never win but here goes nothing.

    Posting #2

    I like it beacuse in the painting, it`s a sunny day so it`s a nice weather. The sun always uplifts people`s moods. I like the way people dressed in fancy clothes because they look sophisticated. I like the water and how everyone is looking out over the water just content with themselves, their lives and the day they`re having. I like the fact that it shows families out together spending time together. I like how there are couples together in it. I like the tress and the woman holding the umbrella to shade her from the sun.

    I don`t like the fact it`s blurry and some of the faces aren`t clear. I also don`t like the fact that you can`t see all of the water and what exactly people are looking out to.

    I think posh people and their families are having a day out and watching an event or something like that. People are just having a day out and spending some time together. People are watching boats sil with their families and partners.

    I think he had a good perception. I think he wanted t show lots of posh people together gathered together watching a sporting event.

    I don`t know a lot about painting so no, I don`t know who the artist behind this painting is.

    I`ve no idea.