My nephews are spoiled. Should I give up on their gift giving?

I was so excited to become an aunt for the first time 5 years ago. I was geeked to be able to spoil my nephew (now nephews) UNTIL their parents got to them first. I am not exaggerating when I say, the now two of them have an entire basement worth of toys, many in bins, and there is nothing they don't have.

I visited all excited one year, toting one of those foldable tubes that kids can crawl in, and my brother two seconds into the door was like, he has two of those. The birthday present this year for the oldest---he was totally disappointed because he already had it. How about educational STEM toys----they'd already bought them the same obscure hard to find set I had. On top of all that, they have older cousins who donate all their old clothes to them, so they definitely don't need clothes and don't need books. We've already long ago helped set up a college fund for the two of them, so that's taken care of. I have asked my brother point blank to just set up an Amazon list for them, but he somehow never gets around to it.

I guess it's just getting frustrating and yes, blah, blah, gifts shouldn't matter, but I love Christmas and birthdays and part of the joy of childhood is enjoying getting gifts and being young and playing, and all the things and I might be feeling a twinge of guilt this year because I haven't seen them in so long (Corona!)
My nephews are spoiled. Should I give up on their gift giving?
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