Were your fam/friends appreciative of the Christmas gifts you gave this year?

I told y'all i spent over $300 per person. Well My grandparents were ecstatic. My meme loved her flatscreen and my pawpaw loved his recliner. My mom didn't express disappointment but i could see it in her face. I got everyone what they asked for but ig she no longer wanted the garage storage and kitchen set. 🤷‍♀️ At least she's enjoying the heck out of Kane Brown. My sis was the most disappointed. I got her the switch lite and all the games she asked for. She hasn't been herself lately and is going through stuff. she's been throwing away every item she ever loved. So i warned her not to open the console and its games if she was gonna dispose of it. She promised me she wouldn't. Literally an hour later she says she no longer wants any of it. I was hella pissed but its all good now cause i’ll be taking it over and buying a bunch of casino, racing and brain games. I dont even care for games like that anymore but I refuse to let $300+ go to waste.
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It wasn't about the money. It was about getting people what they asked for and everyones gifts just happened to be over $300. However, it becomes about the money when someones wasting it. She shouldn't hqve opened the game if she didn't want it. Since i can't take opened stuff back to the store, its about to become my own game system
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Ig i was just annoyed because she's playing all the old systems instead. She asked for the Nin switch and Spyro. She gets it and says i dont wanna play anymore. Then she asks to get Supermario. Then she says she doesn't like it. Then she asks to get Animal Crossing New Horizon. Course she decides she no longer likes that either. So yea im annoyed my money got wasted with a bunch of open games/system that won't be played.
Were your fam/friends appreciative of the Christmas gifts you gave this year?
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