Was this Proper for the Walmart Associate to Say to Me?

I do A lot of Shopping at Walmart. Many of the Clerks are Familiar with me there.(Unless now My Mask has them Guessing who I am? lol!!!) I normally Do Self Check out. This one associate was Standing by (They normally do to See if Anyone may Need help) and then Came over to me and Looked in my Cart to see that I had a Bag on my Cherry Coke I had ALREADY Purchased. I never Took it Out of the Cart because I can do it More Easily with the Checker Gun and then bag it. I politely said I did Pay for it and she Looked on the Checker screen and was Embarrassed to See I had Paid for it. I told her (because I am there so often)"I live here." And we Both kind of Giggled to Ourselves as she Walked away. Is this what Covid has Come to Now, Where the Store is perhaps getting More Ripped Off and they Need to Watch you Like Hawks to See if you Paid, Even being RUDE? She could have ASKED ME if I had paid. Any thoughts? xx
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1 y
"You didn't pay for That." She told me. Never Asked ME. xx
1 y
I said "I Live Here" after I proved to her I had Paid for the Coke. Only because I shop There a Lot and would Never Rip them off. She walked Away, Giggling like, Embarrassed.
Bottom Line, She could have ASKED ME if I had Paid for it. xx
Was this Proper for the Walmart Associate to Say to Me?
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