Barnes and Noble question?

So about 3 weeks ago I ordered 2 boos in-store at Barnes and Noble to be picked up in-store (since the specific books I’m looking for are sold out everywhere in my state). When I originally ordered it the women told me it should be there within 4-5 days and they will call me when they receive it. I waited about a week and a half and called them to ask if it came in and they said it hasn’t even shipped out yet but the order was received (by where they ordered it from). I looked it up online and it says it can take a little over 2 months? Is this true? If anyone else on here by chance ordered books to be picked up in store how long did it take for you to get a call? Just looking forward to receive these books is all, I’m going to be bummed if I really have to wait 2 months for them.
Barnes and Noble question?
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