What type of customer service do you prefer?

When I enter a store I like when the sales person approaches me and offers their help. I usually know what I want so I tell them what I'm looking for instead of looking for it myself, I also appreciate their recommendations and advise and even if most of times I'm not buying what they're suggesting at least I know what's available and what are the new products.
I've noticed that some people do not like this type of customer service and don't like to have a sales person assisting them I don't know if it's because they feel the pressure to buy what they're promoting.
I'm a regular customer at sephora and recently I went to a sephora store and was looking for a few things, the store was almost empty but still no one showed up to assist or greet me and I could see that at least 3 sales agents were talking to each other and ignoring who was entering the store. I was the one who had to politely approach them and ask for someone to assist me. For me this is not necessarily bad customer service because in the end the lady was very helpful I just thought they should care more about who comes in the store.
What type of customer service do you prefer?
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